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A Pixie for Master Sinjin - Cooper McKenzie I was looking forward to this one cause DADDY DOM, alas this guy wasn't all that "daddy dom" like. The story had potential (a deaf/mute) Dom, a sub who signs with ADHD/OCD. Alas, like I have said many times before these books REALLY need to be more fleshed out.

The H/h meet in the club, get along, have one date, then she gets busy at work, and he has to leave for some book business, and neither notice they haven't spoke to each other in TWO FRIGGING MONTHS!! I mean, we've already had the inner thoughts about how each other is "THE ONE" You'd think you'd notice if "THE ONE" screwed off for two months, alas no. They get back in touch, and it's all I LOVE YOUS, and rainbows out the ass...THE END...sigh.