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Searching for Mine: A Searching For Novella

Searching for Mine: A Searching For Novella - Jennifer Probst Sigh..I don't know what to say about this one. I really didn't like anything about it at all.

The author made the heroine so bitchy, and uptight. She had thick black rimmed glasses, wore horrible to big for her clothes that didn't show an ounce of skin. Flat boots, wore her hair in a "severe" bun, and wore a garish orange shade of lipstick. This is how the hero describes her through practically the whole frigging book! In fact he only really makes a move on her after she gets a make over.


Check out this following quote..

"He stared. Speechless, his voice died in his throat and he could only look at the woman before him that was no longer Ella. She was stunning."

SOOOO..ya. Add in the fact that Connor is kind of a douche noodle through 98% of the book AND they both go on dates with other people (though nothing sexual happens) pretty much right to the end, this just didn't work for me on pretty much any level.