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Boom - Stacy Gail 3.5 Stars

This was a decent sweet read for me. I really liked Quinn, he was a sweet, slightly alpha hero. Mia was OK, there wasn't anything specific about her that was annoying. I just thought the whole thing with her fiancee/not really fiancee thing went on way to long. She was suppose to be this super smart person, but really came off as super naive (or super brain dead) about Jackson.

The plot flowed nicely, but I did find parts of the book dragging, and I had to fight myself from skimming. The secondary characters were interesting, and apparently will eventually get their own books. It is fairly low angst, besides her fiancee/not really fiancee drama, there is a short scene with some OW drama, but I love how Mia put the OW's Kim Kardashian ass (author's words..not mine) in it's place.

Overall, it was a good read, just not great, and could have been a bit shorter. :)

Side note: This is pertaining to the crazy OW, who I get was made to look over the top crazy for the sake of the book. But, twice in the book Quinn says some pretty nasty things about her, or at least I found them offensive. He says "That bitch got her CHUNKY ass over here" and another time he calls her a "COW" OK, I get it, she is OTT nuts, we all hate her, but can we find a way to express that hate that doesn't body shame someone?? I know, I know, I am being picky...but seriously!