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Hyde and Seek - Layla Frost 2.5 Stars

SO someone was drinking the KA kool-aid while writing this book...


This one was just OK for me. I LOVED Piper, she was one of the best heroine's I have ever read. Her inner musings were HILARIOUS. She also didn't take shit from Jake, or go running and crying at the first sign of OW. A refreshing change of pace that. Jake I didn't like as much. He was pretty much an ass, oh and writers, this is now the third book I have read in a short time period where the hero starts to get it on with the heroine, finds out she's a virgin, and acts like a complete and utter douchenoodle and runs screaming into the night. Virginity is not the plague for gods sake! Jake was also a little on the, ummm, how shall I put this...pussy side sometimes. He was either OTT alpha, or he suddenly grew a vagina! Don't even get me started on how many times these two said "I LOVE YOU" I betting it was into the hundreds.

I also found this book dragged through the middle part, nothing really happened (except for excessive use of "I LOVE YOU" and then all of a sudden we have this totally out of left field stalking plot. Don't get me started on how annoyed I was by who the stalker turned out to be!

Overall, this was just an OK read for me. Though I will be moving on at some point to read Kase's book, and I REALLY want a book about Rhys the Dom!

Side Note: Jacoby is a horrible and awkward douchy name, not the name of a bad ass tatted up Harley rider. I'm sorry, but I cringed and died a little inside every time Piper used that name.

Side Note Two: Jake appears to have magical pant changing abilities. He goes to a benefit with a tux on, then him and Piper get in a limo to leave, and all of a sudden he has jeans on, then they get home and he is back in the tux?! Maybe Jacoby is just magic like that...