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When I'm With You - Harper Sloan 2.5 Stars

I wanted to love this one, but alas it was just OK for me.

I LOVED Nate and Ember, and the hot sexy times. I loved seeing and catching up with the other kids and the guys. Unfortunately besides the aforementioned sexy times. I found this one to be boring and DRAG a lot. It takes basically half the book for them to even get together, and when they do it is sweet and sexy, but nothing happens. Oh we have an oddly placed OW scene (the clich├ęd half naked OW waiting for him in his office) that didn't cause a lick of drama, so why it was included, I have no idea. Then we have an underdeveloped OM issue that felt added just to cause some drama, but was resolved WAY too easily. The epilogue was really sweet though.

I've got to admit, after looking forward to this one so much, I was bummed to be so disappointed.