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Dirt: A Sexy Small Town Romance

Dirt: A Sexy Small Town Romance - Reese Patton So color me surprised, but I really liked this book!


Usually I am not to keen on second chance romances where the hero and heroine are best friends, and the heroine is in love with the hero and he secretly likes her also, but doesn't act on it. Fast forward 10 years and they meet again and the heroine is willing to take whatever scrap the hero will give her.

Ya, that scenario usually annoys the crap out of me, plus add in some OW drama and I am amazed at just how much I ended up enjoying this. *lol* Enjoy it I did though. There were a couple things I wish we would have been told about in more detail. I would have liked to read the scene where Shane rejected Mya before he left for yen years. I would have also liked a few more details about what happened to them both during that 10 year separation. We also never hear anything about his father's funeral, which is surprising since his father's death was the whole reason he came back. I think it would have been a good way to show what the feelings of the town were towards Shane and what his father did?! Also the situation with Alene was pretty vague, and could have used a better explanation on why she needed the money etc.

So I think a few things could have been more fleshed out, but the writing sucked me right in though, the side characters were interesting, and I can't wait to read Mike's and Kirstin's book.

So, 4 stars for this surprisingly engaging book!