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Whiskey Neat (The Uncertain Saints MC Book 1)

Whiskey Neat (The Uncertain Saints MC Book 1) - Lani Lynn Vale 3.5 Stars

Lani Lynn Vale sure knows how to write a book!

She really is one of my "GO-TO" authors when I want to read something safe, and sexy, with hot alpha bikers.


That being said, I didn't quite love this one as much as the last two books she has released. I can't really put my finger on the "why" something just didn't click with me in this one. I found the plot about the bad guys a little convoluted and I didn't feel the connection between Griffin and Lenore like I usually do in this author's books.

For me it felt like they didn't really spend a lot of time actually together. Griffin seemed to pop over, have sex, then disappear for days at a time...repeat. He also came across as an asshole a lot of the time. More so then usual for this author. I mean his asinine comment about her cancer “Gone and fucking sunk my cock into a girl that could die. Like I needed that in my life.” was really frigging crass. Lenore, again, was a fine character. I liked her, but something was missing...I don't know, for someone that owned a sex shop I expected more. She was almost docile. Sure she got mad when he pulled his constant disappearing acts, but like a second later she was back to being...dare I say, boring I guess.


Anyway, it wasn't a bad book by any means. I enjoyed it, the sexy times were hot. I just didn't LOVE it as much as previous books.

Side Note: I just want to add, that if a stranger came into my home and saw my dildo sitting on my nightstand, then walked over and sniffed it, I would NOT in any way, shape or form find that shit sexy. That's really seriously nasty & gross!