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Until Ashlyn

Until Ashlyn - Aurora Rose Reynolds description


Accompanying her boss Dillon Keck to Vegas for a dental convention isn't on Ashlyn Mayson's list of fun things to do. He may be hot but he is also a total dick. Not to mention engaged.

So when she wakes up the next morning hungover and married to "the dick" Ashlyn plans on running to the nearest lawyer for a divorce. Too bad Dillion has other ideas and they don't include signing any papers...


I LOVED this addition to the "UNTIL" series. It was super sweet. It was low in relationship angst. It had smokin hot sex scenes. It had a likable hero/heroine. We get a lot of cameos of couples and characters from the other books.

Really not a whole lot more for me to say about this one. This is classic ARR at her best.