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The Dead Play On (A Cafferty & Quinn Novel)

The Dead Play On (A Cafferty & Quinn Novel) - Heather Graham This was my least favorite of the Cafferty and Quinn series.


Danni & Quin are on the hunt for a "magic" sax, that someone is killing musicians to get a hold of. Unfortunately, I just didn't love this one. First there wasn't really any paranormal angle at all, and one of the things I really like about Heather Graham books is the history, and detailed stories we get of places etc. around New Orleans. This book had almost no history, or any of the good stuff I love.

Add in the fact that it had one of the most obnoxiously whiny characters ever *cough Jenny cough* and some of the red herrings made no sense. Like why did Amy think Sharon was hiding something? I know it was to throw us off, but it led absolutely nowhere. I also figured out who the baddie was fairly early in this one.

Overall this one was just OK for me.