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Easy For Keeps: A Boudreaux Novella (The Boudreaux Series)

Easy For Keeps: A Boudreaux Novella (The Boudreaux Series) - Kristen Proby I enjoyed this one. It was SUPER short, and VERY insta-love. Both characters were likable, and the kid was adorable.

I could have done without the tip toe through Adam's past sexcapades at the beginning of the book. I don't know why authors do this? You can tell me he is a man-whore. I don't mind a good man-whore, but I don't need details and OW that he can't remember fucking in my face right at the start of the book. It takes away from the H/h's story.

Now that being said, I still like Adam a lot since he states he is tired of whoring around and all that, and he is all in with Sarah from the start. Still, this would have been a 5 star read for me if the past sexcapades had been a little less in your face.

Overall though, I love this series and this author.