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Change of Plans - Mila Rossi Wow, I am batting a thousand on less then stellar books today!

This book started off interesting. A 25 year old virgin goes to an office party to loose her virginity, now I am not to sure why she chooses an office party? Seems a bar or club would be a better option, but hey, what do I know?? She meets Jason, they go to his hotel room, sexy times commence. He finds out she is a virgin, and pulls the classic "dick move" and gets mad, stopping the sexy times. Alas he can't seem to stay away from her and the story plays out.

OK, so first of all I disliked Sarah, she was just so robotic in every interaction, no emotion towards this guy, no longing for him. She was basically written like a dude in this story. She dumps him, well more like ends "things" with him. They really have no relationship other then partial sex, and one complete sex act. They never go out on a single date, or really spend any time together. I have no clue why Jason was remotely hung up on her??

This brings us to the insanely abrupt ending. It's not a cliffhanger, but with a very few pages left, and they were still broken up, I was beginning to get worried. I mean Sarah didn't even act like she missed him or anything?? Then BAM, her friend brings her to Jason's place, he has a romantic dinner waiting, and he says he'll wait until she finishes her studies to give this a chance if she wants the same, they agree.


I was like WTF? That's it?? Blah...don't waste your time on this one!!