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Be Here Now - Julia Goda First I want to say that I read book one in this series and LOVED it! This author has a lot of potential, she reminds me a lot KA.

SO, unfortunately this book just didn't do it for me. It wasn't badly written or anything like that, it just suffered from having just about every annoying trope/plot known to man!

You have the stupid misunderstanding that could have been prevented had either character acted like the adults you were suppose to believe they were.

You had the manwhore rock star ('nuff said) who tells the heroine that he loved and pined away for her for seven years, all the while banging everything that moves, and picturing heroine (is that suppose to be sexy?? Gag!)

You have the constant bringing up of said heroes ONS.

You have the appearance of said ONS groupies showing up with the big pregnancy scare

You have the evil meddling manager that has the hots for said H rock star thus not letting said H rock star know that pregnant heroine came to see him to tell him about pregnancy

You have heroine going to see said H rock star and seeing him with groupie.

You have the young child getting killed and h almost committing suicide

and of course you have the H coming back to get the h and finding out about said dead child and throwing a fit

Just way to much I hate all in one book! That said this author is one to keep an eye out for because I really do enjoy her writing style.