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Snatch - Scott Hildreth M'kay..not really sure how to rate this bad boy...


At first, I found this to be a bit hard to get into. The writing style felt clunky and awkward...

"The stubborn I’ll do it myself nature of children at this age was entertaining for the mother to witness. The mother turned away to keep from laughing as the daughter climbed up and over the seat, back pack in tow."

But I persevered and was soon sucked into the story. The first half of this book was a solid twisted mindfuck of a story. Then the wheels fell off and the story was ALL over the fucking place. It started to read like some sort of rough draft with different POV's from people who were not even really part of the first half of the story.


Then towards the end, I thought we may be getting back to some semblance of a plot, but NOPE. I was thrown back to WTF land. I seriously don't even know what to say, I am flabbergasted at just how bad the second half of this books was, and that ending..Natural Born Killers anyone??


Anyways, I am giving this 1.5 stars because this trainwreck did manage to keep me reading until the end, so there's that I guess.