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The Final KO - Jessica Florence 4.5 Stars

OMGerd...this book was SO flipping good!

Loved the hero, he was sweet, and honest, sexy, and a dirty talker, all rolled into an MMA fighter..utter perfection!

I was a little worried going in about whether I would like this heroine because I don't love overly alpha type heroines, and that is how authors usually write these type of characters (female MMA fighters) I shouldn't have been worried though Rayne was tough, but also sweet, and vulnerable. Really a well rounded character.

I LOVED Rayne's best friend, and hopefully she will get a book?! The plot flowed nicely, and I never felt the need to skim or skip parts. The sex scenes were hot, and the angst was kept to the minimum.

My only wish was that the "baddie" had gotten her comeuppance in a way that was worse then she did. Overall though this was one of the best books I have read this year so far! :)