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Wrong Side Girl - Julia Goda DNF at 70%

Hear that, that would be the sound of the final nail going into the coffin for this author!

Good Lord, at first I was hopeful because the heroine wasn't a virgin, so at least she got herself some whilst pining for him, but the OTT OW drama, and the continuous reminders of ALL THE WOMAN the hero has screwed, was really just to frigging much.

Not to mention inconsistency, like the hero says "he never brought women home to his apartment" then a few chapters later, he is referring to his apartment as his fuck pad?? So which was it? He also says "He never goes back for seconds with the ladies" Yet, he has been banging crazy Courtney on and off since high school?? This guy is so much of a douche noodle that he claims to be Lizzy's best friend and protector, but is banging the biggest mean girl to Lizzy?? Wanker...

Also, this smells of a KA wannabe book, right down to a beach scene that is eerily similar in some respects to the one in KA's Lady Luck. Unfortunately the doormat heroine forgives this douche bag!

Bu Bye author!