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Reign (The Henchmen MC Book 1) - Jessica Gadziala NOTE: That since I read/reviewed this book the author has revised it and has now taken out the fact the hero had sex with an OW. I'm not going to change my review because it was based on the prior version of this book and my feelings still stand on THAT version. But I thought I'd give potential reviewers a heads up that it has been revised...


So first off I am going to say that I took a star off this book for one reason and one reason alone I LOATHE when an author has the H bang an other woman after the H/h meet. This happened a quarter way into the book when there was already an attraction, in fact they had already kissed once! That just doesn't work for me, it takes away from my feelings for the H/h. Not to mention the fact that the the H/h literally had sex the VERY NEXT DAY. All I could think about when she was giving him a blowjob was how nasty it was that his dick had been in some random woman the day before..gag.

I can overlook this type of thing if it adds something to the story, has a purpose, moves the plot along, which wasn't the case here. It could have been left out without it changing the story. In fact It would have been a four-star read then! It could have been written as the H went out for the purpose of getting some, maybe the chick sat on his lap (hence keeping in the scene where the h smells perfume, but he changes his mind! It was just such a HUGE turn-off!

The other thing that annoyed me, but just mildly, was the repeated scenes from both points of view. Summer would describe a scene, then we would get the same scene from Reign. Was a bit overkill, but this was just a minor thing!

ALL that being said, I really like this authors' writing, she has a definite KA vibe going on, and I really like that. The plot moves at a good pace, the secondary characters are likable and well written. It's a solidly written book for sure.

I really want to read about the other guys in the club, hopefully we won't get the whole banging of an other woman One can hope! *lol*