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Pieces (A Patchworks Novel Book 1)

Pieces (A Patchworks Novel Book 1) - T Aleo ARC received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Well this book was certainly original...

I'm feeling a bit "middle road" about this one to be honest. I thought the plot was very original and interesting. There is some good World building, and a lot potential for more story via a plethora of interesting secondary characters.

What took this from a solid four star read, to a "I'm being generous" three star read was Rebecca. She comes across SO incredibly whiny and immature. Her repeated inner monologues about how "everyone treats her like a baby" or "she is never allowed to do ANYTHING, or go ANYWHERE" grated on my last nerve. I GET IT, she is sheltered, no one lets her do anything. I didn't need it repeated ad nauseum. I was also annoyed by the WAY to frequent mentions of her "man legs" and the coarse hair she always seemed to need to shave.

If you are going into this one thinking you'll be getting some romance mixed in with you paranormal, then I'll warn you right now, you are going to be disappointed. This read more along the lines like a YA book.

So, ya, I loved the plot, the World building, the secondary characters were interesting. So much so that I will probably give book two a try just to see what happens with all of them.